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  • Alexander Zaidel

    Alexander Zaidel

  • Annette R.

    Annette R.

    Software Engineer on a mission to multiply πŸ‘Œ Usually coding or travelling. Or both πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» πŸšƒ 🚌 🌏 Firm believer in eco ways 🌱

  • Chirag Khandelwal

    Chirag Khandelwal

    Enjoys developing programming languages, video games, and computer science in general.

  • Ben Weidig

    Ben Weidig

    Software developer, entrepeneur, blogger. Mostly Java, sometimes Swift, Golang, Bash and all the other fun stuff.

  • John McClean

    John McClean

    Architecture @ Verizon Media. Maintainer of Cyclops. Twitter @johnmcclean_ie

  • ayush mittal

    ayush mittal

  • Dylan Meeus

    Dylan Meeus

    Gopher | workwithgo.com | github.com/DylanMeeus | Tech lead @dploy.ai

  • Isaac Kiptanui

    Isaac Kiptanui

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