Let’s build a Raspberry Pi cluster with Kubernetes (or actually a Kubernetes implementation) step by step.

Hardware requirements

We need multiple Raspberry Pi. I have chosen for the Raspberry Pi 3B+. This is not the most recent version, but it will do. A Pi needs

  • power, so I decided to connect them to a USB power charger containing 6 ports which fits on the cluster,
  • an Operating System on a memory SD card,
  • a switch connecting them and fits on the cluster,
  • and the cluster case which should look like the one from the James Bond movie “Skyfall”. …

Let me tell you a story about resurrecting a former office laptop, a Dell E6400. Everything worked, excepted the WiFi.

I installed Xubuntu 20.04 on the laptop. I prefer Debian based distros and now that Xubuntu also has a dark theme, I couldn’t wait to install it on the laptop.

Everything worked OK, besides the WiFi. I checked the hardware, using the terminal, with the following command


It showed at the network section that the laptop contains a

Intel WiFi Link 5100

But the WiFi did not work, so I searched on the internet and you could check if…

An old ASUS laptop, model RP072A, deserves a second life. When I try to search on the web this laptop, not many links show up. So really an outdated laptop.

The first time when I wanted to give this laptop a second life, I installed Xubuntu on the laptop. It works smoothly on that machine. Why Xubuntu you might ask? Well I use mostly Xubuntu in VirtualBox when I develop on a Windows machine.

For less technical people `Elementary OS` might be a good option. Both are Debian based by the way, so for me the transition is easy.


In April 2020 I took the exam for becoming AWS Certified Developer — Associate. I passed the exam. To be honest, it took me a lot of time before I felt prepared to take the exam. Specially because not all AWS services are used within my project.

AWS Certification
AWS Certification

Notes about resources used

The following resources I bought or found and used

Aschwin Wester

Software Developer — Loves Scala and Rust.

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